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Here at Shipman House Bed and Breakfast in Hilo, Hawai'i, we provide special amenities for our guests. Now you can order some of those amenities from home. Return to this page now and then to see what we have added. As this goes online, we are asking you to call or email us your orders, but we look forward to having you order directly from the website soon. If you don't find what you are looking for, send us a line to ask about it.

Japanese Yukata or Nemaki

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The name 'Yukata' comes from 'Yu' (bath) and 'Katabira' (underclothing). About a thousand years ago, Court Nobles wore linen 'Yukatabira' when taking a bath. Then gradually, warriors began wearing them as well, using them as a way of drying off after a bath. The general public began wearing them about 300 years ago, when the sophisticated Japanese public bath became popular. They were then made of cotton and used as everyday casual clothing after taking a bath.

At Shipman House we provide gauze-lined yukata, known as 'nemaki' or sleepwear, in all guest rooms for our guests' comfort, in traditional floral patterns for women, and geometrics for men. Ours are made in Japan by an old family company. Usually made in two colors, blue and white, they are 100% cotton, and lined with thin gauze for extra comfort. With repeated washings, they become extremely soft, wonderful for sleeping or lounging.

Washing Note: Before wearing for the first time, lightly wash in cold or lukewarm water with like colors. They can be machine-washed and dried, but will last longer if hung to dry. Here at Shipman House we machine-wash and dry them nearly every day, and they last for years.

Let us know if you are ordering a Floral (traditionally for women) or Geometric design, and the size. Approximate garment measurements are below, and the "total width" is that of the opened kimono, laid flat and measured. We cannot specify exactly which floral or which geometric design you will receive, but they are all smallish prints, attractive, navy on white background. $99 includes shipping within USA.

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Return Policy: There will be a 30% restocking fee for all returned yukata or nemaki.


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Shipman House Guest Cottage, Hilo, Hawaii Island ('the Big Island')

Shipman House Guest Cottage was built in 1910 to house guests of the W. H. Shipman family at their Reed's Island home in Hilo. Long before there were hotels in Hilo, important visitors were 'put up' in the large homes. After Mr. and Mrs. Jack London stayed for 5 weeks as guests in the main house, there must've been a conversation about needing a place to put long-term guests, and the Guest Cottage was built. Sleep under the headboard of the bed Jack London slept in, while enjoying modern amenities like Free Wi-Fi , modern plumbing and nice comfortable queen beds. This National Register treasure has been lovingly restored, with many antique furnishings original to the house and the Shipman family. Your host is a Shipman descendent who welcomes you like long-lost friends, and shares with you her favorite places to visit, photograph, shop, swim or eat. You may not want to leave.